Early White Christmas

Hello!  I don’t remember if I told you but I really want a White Christmas Tree this year.  I have been looking since summer.  I saw one at a garage sale, but the lady didn’t want to sell it.  I looked online, but man, they cost way too much.  So anytime I was out and about, I have kept my eyes open.

Today… I found one.  (And for such a steal).


I  brought it home and put it up.  It came with the balls, all I had to buy was the skirt. 


I think this is a cute tree, I mean I like the colors, BUT I remembered that I had some ornaments in the garage.


I bought these ornaments this summer at a garage sale!  (Do you do that, buy stuff, put it away and forget all about it?)  I have actually done that with gifts for my daughter. One year I bought her a beautiful dress and by the time I remembered it, it was too small.  OMG, she was so mad! 😉

I took off all the bulbs.


And I adorned it with just what I had from the garage.


It looks so pretty!


Even under the tree looks pretty.


There was even a bow!  I had no idea what I was going to top this tree with and this is perfect.  Someone had this same exact tree.  😉  But probably not on a white tree with a teal skirt!


We are ready.  Before Thanksgiving even.  I have never, EVER, never done this before.

Today, while I was out and about, I picked up this little spray and I used it to put a candle in.


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



Oh.. the tree cost me 29.00!!!  I have seen little tiny ones on sale at Micheals for 25.00 and I have seen really big ones for hundreds.  This was such a great deal and it came lit.

I got my white tree! 

Wow, am I an early bird or what?  Have you ever put up a tree this early?


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