I Cried!

Hello!  I started my pumpkin painting/decorating project last night. More on that in a minute. 


But first.  This morning I did the most boneheaded thing a person can do… and then I cried.

I sent an email to my BK Attorney asking a few questions about about a bill I keep getting that is supposed to be Lien Stripped.  I even attached a copy of the bill!

I sent the email, with attachment to my Attorney and to his Assistant.

Then I looked at the email again AFTER I SENT IT!

I did not send it to my Attorney and his assistant.  I sent it to a person I used to work with and my attorneys assistant.

This person is FRIENDS WITH ABOUT A MILLION PEOPLE HERE, EVEN THOUGH SHE IS RETIRED!  I don’t consider her a friend.


There is no way to recall the message, there is no way to take it back.  It is out there.  She now has a piece of information that is private and personal, in writing.

I called the Atty’s office and told them – please do not reply to that email!  My lame attempt at damage control.

THEN I CRIED… again.

I know this person well enough to know that she will not be discreet, that she will absolutely feed the rumor mill and that within a few days, all the people at the office will know that I am in a Bankruptsy.   They probably already do as I type this.

I really don’t give a rip about the rumor mill, because frankly, I’m not close to anyone I work with. But I am a private person (who blogs!).  I try to stay under the radar and away from the drama. 

What I do fear is that it will get back to HR and when the time comes for a promotion which is supposed to happen in July, they can use it against me.

Well, as you know sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.  I have no idea why I was not careful this morning because I usually am.

But it is what it is.

A couple of things I try to tell myself is this:

These people don’t matter to me in the least and this will not matter in five years!


Now onto more fun things!

I pulled out the paint and the gesso. 


I painted all of the pumpkins with gesso for a base.


Then I started the blue.


The one is the back is going to be silver.  It needs another coat. 

Also, going to put a pretty, shiny varnish on them before I bling them up!

I also wrapped up the box my tree is on.


That looks better right?

So it looks like this year my colors are white and turquoise.

But my face is a nice shade of RED!

OMG!  Talk me down, its not the end of the world right?


12 thoughts on “I Cried!

  1. Grrr…I HATE when that happens and there really should be an pop up that says “Are you sure you want to send this”? I’m a pretty private person but since I had the auto deduct from my check since there was NO WAY I wanted to forget to pay..I’m sure my whole corporate office knows and I know all my co workers know, but I can’t care. I did the best I could for as along as I could and it is what it is. I am so much less stressed that I know it must carry over into my work. As I am sure you are…less stress=more productivity in my book! Many hugs and positive thoughts that co-worker isn’t as obnoxious as you know her to be.

    • You are so right! I never thoughT of those of us who do payroll deduction! HR is supposed to be discreet but we know they arent. As long as no one is in my face about it i wont feel so bad. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Truly!

    • Gail at least you are still breathing! Doh, the stupid things we do right? I hope your blunder was a long time ago, time heals!

  2. Debtgirl I am so sorry about that. Just reading what you wrote made me physically cringe for you. A suggestion, why don’t you set up a new email address just for anything related to the bankruptcy and keep everything else separate. – Mary Ann

  3. Ouch. .. it’s so easy to inadvertently send an email to the wrong person. I’m done it several times, and then quickly needed to move into damage control mode.

    • Thank you Bridget! Hopefully, it won’t affect anything. Hopefully, the promo will actually happen! Its all up to Board of Directors and we know how that can go! I haven’t had a raise in 5 years.

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