I Got This!

Yesterday, I inadvertently sent an email to someone that now is privy to my personal financial business –  the Bankruptcy.

I thought about it last night.  This is definitely a “cringe worthy” event for sure, but I got this.  I didn’t lose a wink of sleep;  I was so sure I would.

Honestly, I’m not ashamed of my decision.  I’m doing what I have to do for my daughter and me.  (Not to mention our fur babies).

The decision I made is going to save us from complete ruin down the road.   It saved us from complete ruin during these trying times already.

I’ve been able to keep our home for us to live in.  I’ve been able to give my daughter consistency and that is key.  I’ve been able to keep our heads above water.

Is my condo small, old and cramped?  Yep.  But its ours and to me, it was worth keeping even if that means bankruptcy.

There are so many reasons  that make me confident that I made the right decision, as difficult as it was.

I don’t need to defend it to anyone I work with.

If you wonder why I try to keep it anonymous there are a few reasons.

I like to stay under the radar and I really don’t want my kid to know.  It’s not her decisions that put us here, its mine and I am fixing it.

I also don’t know if it would be a good idea to blog about my BK openly and give my my lawyer and trustee  the opportunity to monitor my every day actions. I think that is the biggest reason.

But honestly I think I would pop if I did not blog about it and have so many great readers that share my story, give me support and just let me vent.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart to allow me to be open and honest with you and still you don’t judge me.  Thank you.

I’m going to make it through the next 48 payments (47 after this week)!  We are going to go to full discharge and be successful and be able to move on with a chance to do it right!

So okay, drones at work… bring on the judgment!  I got this!


Moving past all that…

Last night I brought home a couple more pumpkins from work to add to my project.  allPUmps
















I painted the stems white.  Everything needs more paint (gesso) and then varnish so I can get busy glittering!

What a great way to stretch the October pumpkins!  Right?

Then I painted the branch.  I went for a walk a week or so ago and saw this branch.  I actually passed it up then turned around and picked it up.

I carried it at least a couple miles home.


It looks much better white!


I’m actually using Gesso because I don’t have much white acrylic paint!  Looks like white paint to me.  (shrug)

It dawned on me last night,  I have got to get the Christmas presents done if I am to lug them with me to Portland next week.

Here is a sneak preview!


You are going to love, love, LOVE this project.

So inexpensive and easy! Under a buck for each gift I would bet.

Just the way I like it.

Have great day all!


4 thoughts on “I Got This!

  1. You have the right attitude. You do what you have to do and only you know what’s best for your family!

    “I like to stay under the radar and I really don’t want my kid to know. It’s not her decisions that put us here, its mine and I am fixing it.”

    Your daughter doesn’t know about the bankruptcy at all? I love, love, LOVE that you have kept it from her if that’s the case. There is nothing worse than being a teenager and dealing with the additional weight of your parents financial problems. I can’t tell you how much that affected me in my teen years. Some of the worst stress I’ve ever gone through was worrying about their finances, and I didn’t even have any control over it!

    Now that my employer has filed bankruptcy I’m learning a lot more about the process. It is quite scary! He filed Chapter 7.

    • Hey there Angella, she has no idea. Not a clue. She doesn’t know, her dad doesn’t know, nobody in my family knows. I have 2 friends who know and that is it.

      Thank you for posting what you said! Seems like most people would tell me to tell her so that she learns the lesson too. I just don’t feel like it is her lesson to learn.

      I know how it feels to be a “poor kid” and I don’t want her to live with that feeling. As a kid growing up, it just was. My mom raised 9 kids alone, no help. We were happy and healthy and broke! 😉

      I would have rather felt like I had a little more as a teenager. My kid actually has more than I ever did!

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