Pinterest – Christmas Vignettes

Hello and Happy Friday!

It has been forever since I posted Pinterest Pics!  Last night I finished my pumpkins and they turned out so pretty, I can hardly wait to show them to you .  I might just have to post twice today.  I want to put together a couple of little vignettes of my own first.

This morning, I am up early even though it is the start of a 10 DAY VACATION for me!  Yes!  I do not have to be back to work until December 2.  (That ought to give the rumor mill there some time to get good and revved up!)

Having a relaxing morning, sipping some coffee and getting lost in Pinterest so that I might share these beautiful images and ideas with you.  What a better way to start a vacation.

Enjoy and be sure to click on the image to be taken to the source if available!

This first vinette color scheme is similar  to what is going on in my Christmas decor this year!


This is so pretty, so pink and so feminine!  What a contrast to the blue and white!  Isn’t the ceramic harp player adorbs?


This is sweet and simple.


OMG, the pink toile. (Did I spell that correctly) That is pretty.


Just two small trees, simple and pretty.  Really love that!

White Winter Berries. Refreshing.


Wow, now this is GOLD!


I love the different heights that are used and the snow is a nice touch!

The fur is a great idea.  I also love the chandelier in this next image!


Here is a close up that makes you feel like you are in the scene.  Love.


Have  you seen this next idea yet?  I have to incorporate this!



This is very traditional and I love that.


And this!  (click on either of these images to see much more!)


I could keep going all day but I gotta go and get my girl up for school!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest – Christmas Vignettes

  1. At my PT job, we buy oversized martini glasses and fill them up with Christmas baubles and some Christmas flowers, leaves or greenery. It looks really pretty, and easy to do, even with regular size martini glasses and smaller baubles.

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