Winter Glitter Sparkle Town

Hello!  Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I could hardly wait to share my little glittering sparkle town with you.  It is one of my most favorite craft projects that I have done.  I think I will keep this and use it every year. 

I have to tell you how I did this first. So simple two steps.

  • I painted the buildings and let them dry.
  • I painted on some Modge Podge and sprinkled on some glitter. 

I had a couple of different kinds of glitter that I mixed up for a different sparkle effect.

Here is the outcome:


I wish I were a photographer, the iPhone just does not do this justice.

I would love to hang a white wreath above it.


My branch looks pretty in the foreground too. (I brush painted that and modge podged glitter on that as well)


I love the simple elegance of white on white.


I added some frosty bulbs and some white silk poinsettia.


I added pearls to the tree and the topper is a piece I made a few months back.

I also put some flowers on the the Thrift store find, you will see why in a minute.


The flowers and the bulbs just add a little more Christmas to Sparkle Town!



I also painted and glittered a small wooden tree.


Do you love it or is it too white for your taste?


And there you have it, my Sparkling Glitter Town!

So here’s the deal with the tall house. The Santa just kept bleeding through.


The flowers were the solution to that problem.  I love that shape of that house, so I just had to find a solution.

For the tree, I have so many pearls. I thought they would look really pretty, just another added dimension.

treepearl This was fast and easy.  Just painting took the most time.  Glittering took some time too but I think the effect was well worth it.

We are off tomorrow to spend some time up north.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe!


See you soon!


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