Not a Dime

Hello there!  We are back from Oregon! 


It was the most wonderful trip.  The weather was perfect, it did not rain until the day we left.  I visited with all eight of my brothers and sisters.  We even got pics of the whole group with our mother!

We had time to visit my most favorite place, Multnomah Falls!


If you go to the Pacific Northwest, this is a must see.

Dinner was at my brothers house, but if it weren’t for my sister, I just don’t know how he would have managed the 40 plus people.

She had 5 tables set up with this same tablescape on all of them.


My mom and sisters were able to each take a centerpiece home.  My sister also made the tablecloths, runners and napkins!  Incredible.

The next day we did go downtown and pick up a few things, but then we headed back out to the burbs to the Goodwill!  😉  Yes, the Goodwill!

I picked up a few things!

These shams:


This sweater:


These sparkly tops:



But the best find ever is this Pendleton Flannel that we picked up for a steal for my kid!  Pendleton Wool and Mill is a very old business in Portland.  Unfortunately, they are farming out some of the work to Mexico, (makes me so sad) but at least the mills are still running in Portland!


I want a blanket.  I will have to keep my eyes open for that next time I am home.

We are back now, completely unpacked and catching up on laundry.  Today, my girl is golfing the course she will be golfing next week in QSchool.  I want her to be comfortable with the course.

I’m home and I am NOT SPENDING A DIME.  I’m making a chicken and rice soup!chicken

I pulled some chicken from the freezer and again, I’m not spending a dime for as long as I can the next couple of weeks.

The trip was expensive and Christmas is right around the corner.

Time to buckle down and be as careful as I can.  I can’t even catch up with 52 week challenge this week.   I actually borrowed from it for our trip!  My gosh, its nice to have it to borrow from but paying it back is not easy.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

See you soon!


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