Domestic Diva

Hello!  Back to the grind today, but yesterday, I was a domestic diva. 

I even found a way to get caught up with my 52 week challenge!

Actually, I was able to put back money into the envelope because I didn’t use it all!  Yay! 


Check out the numbers!  It is getting VERY Challenging!


This little savings account and gone Up and Down and Up and Down!  It’s been handy to have around.

Remember, we are starting a new one in January!  ( I will continue this one until April as planned).

…Back to my Domestic Diva Day yesterday.

I did not leave the house one time, I did not spend a dime! 

I stayed in all day doing laundry, cooking and cleaning.

I even managed to bake a cake.


I made a butter cream frosting from scratch,


This  turned out really yummy.


So I had it with tea.


And then I had more and s’more!  I really went to town on this cake and I am not going to share any photos of that!

More tonight.  😉

I also made a chicken and rice soup that turned out more like Chicken and Rice…

Really delicious.


The best part about that soup is that I used thighs that cost me a whopping .99 cents a pound! 

Now I have a secret weapon to use when I get to the end of my budget.  This was (is) so good that I brought some for lunch today. 

Dark meat is really flavorful.

I was so tempted to stay home today because I just felt like I needed more rest, but actually, doing really well.

I must have rested well enough yesterday even though I was a domestic diva and got lots done.

How is your Monday going, are you exhausted from the holiday and all the work it brings?

See you soon.


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