Pantry Odds & Ends

Hello!  Is it only Tuesday?  This is going to be a long week! 


I’m happy to report that I have still NOT SPENT A DIME!  I am going on Day Three of no spending and it feels really good. 


One way to ensure that you stay in budget is to shop your pantry and use what you have when the money is tight. 

With that in mind, I started snooping around to see what I could find.


Here are the weird and interesting items I found as well as some new recipes to try. 

Not really weird, but just items that have been sitting awhile because I bought them and don’t really use them often. 


The first thing is this:



So I looked online and found these ideas

I love the pasta toss idea as well as the sandwich spread. 

I have been wanting a Panini maker, but will have to wait!  It would be so good though right?


The next thing I have is this:


I have no idea why I even bought it or when!  It’s still good though and I want to use it up.

I found this website.

I think I might try to make the Slow Cooker Coconut & Green Curry Pork

It will be a real stretch for me! 


And the last ingredient that is in my pantry is this

(sorry for the blurry iPhone pic)!


I usually make salmon cakes but would love to find another recipe to make with it! 

Do you have any ideas?

I found this recipe.  I might give that a shot.  I love a good dip with crackers.

I know that I might not do well with all that cream cheese, but I bet my kid would love it.


So what’s in your pantry?



2 thoughts on “Pantry Odds & Ends

  1. My pantry has pasta, nuts, a few cans of soup, and condiments. Years ago, I stopped buying random ingredients – more often than not, I wouldn’t use them and they would just go bad.

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