Soup Weather


Cold weather just brings out the soup maker in me!



As you can see the weather is very nice today. 


However, this weekend its supposed to rain on the golf tourney.  We won’t know until the morning if it’s cancelled because of standing water on the greens or not. 

We will move forward assuming it is still in play!  I’m trying to find a golf umbrella to borrow.

Today I have to get my butt over to Albertsons!  Such a deal!


I want pick up those bone-in Chicken breasts for another soup!

I have a few bucks in my purse so I’ll stop and get that today… as well as some carrots and onions and a stalk of celery.  I have some chopped celery in the freezer but I need to add to it.  Also I need to  cut up some onion and freeze as well for soup!  I am on a soup kick! 

I would love to add barley but is chicken soup good with barley??

That is  a great deal on chicken though!  Why oh why have I been using boneless breasts for my soup?  Now that I know the flavor that the bone-ins can give, I’m sold and OH MY GOSH, it’s way cheaper!

So get over to Albertsons and pick up some inexpensive and tasty chicken for your soup!

See you tomorrow! 


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