Golf, Movie Screening & Soup

I ask you, what more is there!  First of all, this is a busy, busy post because it was a busy, busy day!

A great day. My girl graduated from  Q-School and is now an official Jr. Golfer!   She was invited to play tomorrow!  That is huge!

Today was a true test.  Only 6 girls out of the 30 kids that played today and guess who quit because of the weather conditions?  Not any of the girls I can tell you that!  4 boys walked off the course!

We got there early and I got my girl some hot chocolate while she read a golf rag.


We were not ready for this weather!  The lady in the pro shop loaned us a pair of rain pants!  So sweet.


You can see my kid heading up the the range to hit some balls.  So cold!


By the time she came back before her Tee time, she was soaked and that’s when the pro shop lady took pity on her.


But she got back out there and off they went!


The rain lasted most of the morning, but the sun finally broke thru and then they had to deal with wind!  What a day.  She scored well enough to play tomorrow.  We are so proud of her!

While she was playing I was able to leave.  They found another guy to volunteer so I took off and headed to the 99 cent store.


Check out that loot.  I bought so much there, that I only need to get a few things from the “real” market.

I spent $50.00!  Yes, I did have to borrow from my 52 week challenge money, but it goes up and down.  Just glad I have it.


I picked up a bunch of stuff.  Butter, cat food and much, much more.


Barley and rice…


Readers, look at the original price.  Hello.


Zucchini and tins for baking!  Bread for gifts.


And then I went home and made my chicken soup.

After that I headed back to the course to pick up my professional Jr. golfer  and then we went to a movie screening.


It’s a really cute remake of Endless Love.  You remember that 80s movie with Brook Shields?  This was better.  This was a free movie and then they gave us tickets for another free movie of our choice.


Then it was time to come home and relax with a nice big bowl of chicken soup.


I made it with barley and organic spinach this time. Both purchased at the 99 cent store.  Thank you!

What a day.  Tomorrow we are heading back to the course and my girl is playing 18 more holes and this time I will stay and volunteer.  At least the sun will be out tomorrow.

Whew, this weekend is flying by.

Do you find deals at the 99 cent store that you just cannot refuse?  It really helps me budget, how bout you?  Without it I don’t know how I would make it.  Honestly.

See you tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Golf, Movie Screening & Soup

  1. I wish we had a 99c store here! I feel like I’m always spending a fortune at the grocery store. We have dollar stores that offer food products, but you have to be very careful, a lot of stuff is wayyy past the expiration date. We found soda and canned soup that expired in 2011. Yuck! Your daughter has beautiful hair, and congrats to her on her golf achievements!

  2. Congratuations to your daughter! That’s an accomplishment.

    I don’t have a dollar store near me; I do most of my shopping either at Trader Joe’s or the Target with a grocery store.

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