Mr. Snowman

Today I was not feeling good when I woke up at all!  I ended up staying home.

Later in the afternoon, after I picked up my kid, I stopped at one of my favorite little thrift stores.

Little story:  One of my older sisters has a set of dishes for every occasion.  She has a set for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for spaghetti night as well as a set when her best friend comes over.. and more!   She actually gave my daughter her set of Royal Dalton when she passes away.  I know!

Anyway… at Thanksgiving she used her Let It Snow dishes because she has over 40 plates, and I have been obsessed.  I’ve seriously been looking online, in stores, in the paper, on TV… well, you get it.  I want a winter set!

I have never had more than one set of dishes in my life.  I am 53 and its about time.  Yes?

Guess what I found today?  Brand new plates, in the box for $30.00.

Aren’t these cute?  They are called Mr. Snowman.


Here is the salad plate:


Here is the bowl:


And the set came with four mugs.


I absolutely love it!  A little vintage, but I think they are darling!

I went online to see what they would sell for and…


I got a CrAzY good deal.


You can tell when plates have been used, because they are scratched.  There is not a scratch on these plates.

I also picked up these 4 little plates for desserts and just to have, for $2.50 for all four.


They are pretty too and just nice to have on the counter to grab.

I picked up some extra Christmas cards for .50.


I just know that I am going to run out of the ones I bought at Pier One a couple of weeks ago.


So now I have winter plates for years to come and  I have plenty of Christmas cards for this year.

I can add to the set of dishes too as the years go by.  I saw them available online.  I just think they are cute and the price was right!

Do you have more than one set of dishes?  Are you obsessed like my sister?  I think I will stop at having my regular ones and these.  I’m good now.

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?  I have done ONE!

See you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Snowman

  1. I love having sets of dishes. I’m looking for a Christmas set too! I don’t frequent goodwill too much any more because it’s filled I think with people looking for stuff to resell. It gets kinda of crazy. But since I’m trying on my minimalism, I do look at how many sets do I need? But, I have white from crate and barrel for everyday, I have a china set someone gave me with a gold and blue rim. It’s not a complete set, but pretty and elegant. Then I have my special needles and pine set. Very collectible and very expensive as it is hard to find. Then I have a set of Franciscan desert rose. I gave 1/2 away and have the other half boxed. Not sure about this one. Then I have my fiesta ware that I adore …. So, I guess when it comes to dish sets , I have a ways to go with minimalism. But, I love them all.
    So , enjoy those Christmas dishes and I’m going to start looking!!

    • TahoeGirl, I had to go look up the needles and pine and they are beautiful! I had never seen those before! Wow! Keep looking for them in thrift stores, even at replacement limited they are expensive.

  2. I only have one real set of dishes and the rest are mis-matched pieces we’ve somehow collected over the years. I’ve found that it’s hard to find GOOD quality dishes! Our main set was an old set my mother gave to me when we moved out on our own for the first time. I have my eye on a set of vintage Iroquois dishware on Craigslist, but the seller needs to drop the price about 80% before it’s in my range lol! I’ve done zero Christmas shopping. Not in the mood this year!

    • Angella, I completely understand! I looked up Iroquois plates because that is new to me and they are so cool! I saw a blue diamond set and also a fall leaf set that I thought are very pretty! Maybe you can’t get them now but in the future.

      I had no idea plates could be so much fun to learn about. Every time I go thrifting I am going to look for mr. Snowman.

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