Use It Up, Wear it Out!

I must have bought these inexpensive wedges a few years ago.  These were a Payless find.   Probably cost me under $20.00.

I have to say, I’m now a Payless girl.  I mean… I don’t buy all my shoes there, but I do get my everyday ones there if I can find ones I like.

I liked these.

Insert taps here – 😉



Not another minute could be had from these shoes!  Pretty much a done deal.


I got up and started walking away from my desk and they were literally coming apart at the seams!

clop, clop, clop!  They almost turned into flats!


It’s a good thing I have extra ones at work.


Practical, reliable, ugly.    I have this basket of walking shoes too.


Now that I see it, I think the basket has seen better days too

When is the last time  you had a pair of shoes fall apart while you were wearing them?

This has not happened to me since I was a kid and then it happened with every single pair of shoes I owned.

;-)  That, my friends,  is how you s t r e  t c h your dollar while in a Chapter 13. 

Wear it out!

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Use It Up, Wear it Out!

  1. My family is generally appalled at how long I wear my shoes. But I don’t see the point in increasing my wardrobe costs, and unless I am at work or an interview, who cares what my shoes look like?

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