Zucchini Walnut Cranberry Bread

This is good!


I have to tell you this is the best quick bread I have made in so long.   I am so happy and proud  to give this away for gifts.   I have given away two already!  One to a BFF that stopped by and one to my daughters Golf Pro.  I will give another to her other golf pro tomorrow.

This is so easy and fast to make.  Just put it in the oven, relax into your book of choice and it is done before you know it.

The star of the show is this really large zucchini;


Remember, I bought these last week at the 99 cent store.  Such a deal.  Today I pulled out my Salad Shooter that I have never used.


And was able to shred a couple of those babies in a jiffy.



I got the mix all done and in the pans so quickly.  You are going to love this recipe!


The house smelled wonderful!  Cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries and walnuts! To die for.  Instead of two pans I used  3 smaller pans.  More gifts that way.  I just cut the cooking time down to 40 minutes.


Perfect.  So moist.  And such a pretty color!


I gave away two and we already ate one!


Okay, I had a friend come over and help… this is wonderful with butta!

I actually made 3 more loaves today.  These are for gifts, I promise.  Just put a bow on them.  How easy is that?


All the ingredients are waiting for more loaves tomorrow.


Now the best part… the recipe.


You will treat this recipe like gold.  You will not want to lose this.  Please go to this site for the whole recipe.  It’s the best recipe ever!

I thought it was weird that you don’t mix all the dry and then put it into the wet, but hey, I followed it perfectly and as you can see, it works.

I hope you try this.  You will not be disappointed.  This is going to be a holiday tradition in this house!

Are you baking?  Are you a quick bread baker or do you bake cookies this time of year?

See you tomorrow!


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