Going Out With a Bang!


I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the pinch!  Can the end of the year get any more expensive?

NO!  Don’t answer that!

Adding up fast:

Golf Tourneys/Classes
Extra Groceries/Extra for baking
Medical Costs, Hospital/Anesthesiologist/incidentals (I have no idea what the total will be as of yet)


I want to get back to my regular old monthly budget.   Whaaaa!  But in the meantime I am trying very hard to keep my food budget down and also every other expense down that I can manage. 

This is the first year I did not put up Christmas lights because my electric bill goes thru the roof!

Yesterday I did more baking, I can’t even count how many I have baked, 9 maybe?  That sounds about right!


Today I got the Crockpot going!   My kid really likes this and I like it because its done when she gets home and the house smells like I’ve been cooking all day.


Yesterday I made chicken broth for the freezer:


I got the stockings up, one for me, my kid and also some for my fur babies!


I got the presents bought and wrapped:


I had a full weekend and I’m not even done!  I still have ingredients to make more zucchini bread:


I didn’t even touch laundry either.  OMGosh! 

And I have to get this package and cards out!


Christmas time is so busy.  I don’t know how people with lots of kids do it.  I’m dizzy just thinking about it.

I hope you are managing your busy schedule this time of year. 

I don’t know why I added a medical procedure to the mix.  Not looking forward to that at all!

Dumb me!

This month really is going out with a bang.  I hope it calms down after this week!



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