Tile Coasters – An Inexpensive Gift

As promised I’m showing you the best idea for a homemade Christmas gift that doesn’t even look homemade.  It really looks expensive.  Probably costs less than a buck!  Per Gift!

I have to tell you that I started these months ago but never finished them.  I don’t know why.  I pooped out. I do plan on making them and giving them as gifts during the year.

So here you go!  You will love these and I hope that you are getting these early enough to make if you want to give this year!  It might take 2 days.

Go to Home depot and buy these little square tiles, you will need four per gift.  They are about .16 cents  a piece.


You will need to get some scrap book paper.


Its pretty cheap, I happen to have an old book full.




You need to cut out squares to fit your tile.


Then brush on some modge podge on the tile, put on the square and modge podge some more over the top.


I could see the brush strokes but I don’t care.


Let that dry and do another coat.

I also bought some felt backing for the feet.  This has self adhesive, but I would add a dab of hot glue.


I plan to use a hole punch that I bought and adhere them (one small circle per corner) to the back.


Here’s the important part you must not forget.

You need to buy some of the clear lacquer spray that is shown in the first photo.

It is a must have!  Otherwise the modge podge will get wet with coffee or whatever and these will not hold up!

Once they are dry, spray them and let that set up.

Oh and don’t forget to use a very fine sandpaper to soften the underside and corners of the tile so that they are not sharp.

I got as far as the last coats on mine and then never sprayed them or put on their felt feet.

Some of mine got ruined though because I stacked them before they were completely dry and then they stuck!  Doh.

I do have a few that are still salvageable when I get around to it!

Here’s a great link! Modge Podge roundup!

Here’s another link.  She uses polyurethane as a sealer though.

You must use something to seal them!

Let me know if you make them!

See you soon!


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