American Winter Documentary

( A second, important post today)!




I watched this last night and it made my heart sick.  This was filmed in my hometown of Portland Oregon.

It really puts our current state of affairs as a society into perspective.  How can we fix this?

Please watch and spread the word.   Do you feel like you are living on the edge.  All it would take for me is one thing,  a job loss, a medical emergency or ??

We need to get back to caring about each other because it matters what is happening in our country today. If we don’t take care of each other, we are all lost!

You can watch this for free on HBO Documentaries.

These families are just like us.  You and me.

justlike us

This woman has never lived in a single family home.  I haven’t lived in one since the one that was provided for me by my mother.

My daughter has never lived in one.  This breaks my heart.

What is happening to our society?  Where is the American Dream?  Where is the hope?

My heart is broken.

Where are the resources for our people to be able to get back on their feet… to help us over the rough patches that are bound to happen?

What would you do in these situations?  I know some of you are in this situation now.  My heart goes out to you.

What can we do as private persons to help?

We can do so much better than this for our kids!

Watch American Winter on HBO today!


6 thoughts on “American Winter Documentary

  1. I just watched this the other night! It was so sad, but at the same time, some of the people didn’t seem to want to help themselves. They’re on housing assistance, yet have a big 60″ tv? I mean maybe it was a gift, but if money was that tight, I’d sell the tv?? And the people who couldn’t feed their kids, but could continue smoking? Cigarettes aren’t cheap! It was terribly sad though, and I hate that anyone has to struggle like that, but I think more could be done to help their situations if they truly wanted to. I also watched “Hard Times: Lost on Long Island” that was pretty good as well.

    • Thank you and I totally understand your perspective. But I didn’t quite see it that way. I do agree that quitting smoking is a must! I totally agree with that.
      But most of those folks lost quite a bit, their homes as well as their dignity. If it gets bad enough, I can see that most of them would in fact sell their tv. One lady was selling her own blood.
      I think the majority of folks would infact sell their tvs, but probably wait until the last minute, especially if they have kids. It is probably their only source of entertainment, that is if they still have electricity. ;-(

  2. I only watched the trailer but it was compelling. So sad about the lady with the ill 12 yr old and $49000 in medical bills. I just had an emergency appendectomy but because I am Canadian it is covered here in Canada. If it weren’t for that I don’t know how we could afford it. I hear such an operation can cost thousands. My heart goes out to those in the film and the many like them.

    • Hi Kiki and thank you so much for your comment and stopping by! Yes, she reminded me of my sister and that poor little girl felt so guilty for being sick and causing her mother to have that bill. I felt sorry for the couple that had to run an electrical cord from their neighbor to get lights and collect rain to use as water. What a way to live in the greatest country in the world? I have always wondered how Canada can do it and I am hopeful that someday we will adopt something that will ensure that our folks do not get 50,000 bills! Who can pay that? She will most likely have to file a BK! That is not an easy way out either.

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