Dear Santa

dear santa


Dear Santa,

Can I still ask for the items I wish for? There is no age limit, is there? I sure hope not because it isn’t until we get older that we start to wish for the things that are important and that matter!

This is what I wish for Christmas 2013.

I wish for:

My health. First and foremost I need to be healthy. I need to be able to get up, go to work and feel reasonably good so that I can function. I wish to be able to work during the week and then have energy to have a productive weekend. I wish to spend quality time with my daughter, even if that means just hanging out.

Energy to do something for myself to stay motivated and plugged in. This would be a good year to take a writing class.

My daughter to be healthy and happy too. I want her to realize that what we have is more than enough but it is nothing if we don’t appreciate it.

My daughter to continue to improve her golf game and really find her stride. I wish that she will gain self-confidence and feel some personal satisfaction. I hope she learns through the game that she is good enough to do and become whatever she really sets her mind to do.

To be free from fear and stress. I want to feel secure in our world and know that every day is a new day with positive opportunities. I want to be safe, sound and happy in my own little corners of the world.

My daughter’s dad to remain happy and healthy and hope that he finds his life to be fun and fulfilling.

My friends to find peace and contentment with what they have and that their families remain healthy and whole.

My finances to finally take a turn for the better. I wish that this year there are no changes in my BK plan so that I can continue to feel financially secure and on my way to a better future.

Money in the bank to ensure I can pay for any unforeseen expenses for me or my daughter.

The wisdom to save money and not make any unnecessary purchases. To finally get an Emergency Fund going as well as the funds for a first car for my daughter.

The wisdom and strength to be able to handle all the upcoming drama that is bound to happen when raising a teenage girl.

Our futures, yours and mine dear reader, to be easier than our pasts.

Thank you Santa!


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