Best Quick and Easy Meal

Hi there, are you surviving the week of Christmas?  I worked today and actually got a lot done. I love it when everyone takes vacation around Christmas, the days go by fast and its so nice and quiet at work.  I think it’s crazy to take vacation when you already have so much holiday time off!  But that’s just me.

Today I kept going over in my mind what I would have for dinner.  I was hungry!  I almost stopped at the market… but then I came to my senses!  Thankfully!

Here is what I decided to have and wow, am I  a happy camper.


Tomato soup and a grilled cheese!  Who knew such a quick classic would be so satisfying!


Hello snowman!  I’ve really enjoyed my thrift store find plates. They are lovely.  They are brand new and actually high quality!  Nice and thin and feel very nice.  I hope to have them forever.  Love…


Pepper Jack and Cheddar, can there be too much cheese?


Seriously, this rocks!


Top if off with a nice glass of vino and yep, I would say this is the best quick dinner!

I almost went to the store and bought food on the way home. I don’t need more groceries.  I have plenty of food in the house. When I use what I have in the house I save so much money and I feel so good.  Like I am in control.  Know what I mean?

It would have been so easy (and stupid) to go to the store and buy something else.  This was probably easier by far and no money out! 

Tomorrow and Christmas I’m off!  And just for the record 😉  I plan on eating out of the pantry the rest of the year!

How does spaghetti sound for Christmas dinner?  Yep, that’s my plan!  A Free Movie and Italian dinner at home!

I can’t wait!  What are your plans, do share!



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