I Got My Wish Early!

My letter to Santa was answered today!   Thank you Santa! 

I got the best news today from my Doctor.  He actually told me, “God Loves You!”  Everything is perfect and I’m as healthy as I can be given my circumstance.  Whew!   I actually cried with relief.  Biopsies are scary.

The weather in Southern California could not be more perfect, so I got off my duff and got out for our lake walk.  And guess who joined me?


I love it when I can talk her into it.


Check out the tree – Still has oranges!


After our walk it was a pretty quiet day so my kid took off and went to a friends house for tamales and empanadas.  I’m so jealous.  But I had work to do.


Yep, I ended up shopping.   I pulled out her stocking stuffers and realized it was a pitiful pile, so I took the opportunity to go out and finish shopping for her.  Did you know there is a heck of a sale on today?  I got BOGO on jewelry here. 


Then I headed to Barnes and Noble.  My kid mentioned cooking so I bought her a really cute apron at World Market and a cookbook at Barnes & Noble.


This Santa cottage and tree are at this promenade  every year. 


I think its such a pretty tree.


I feel pretty fortunate to be able to drive about a minute to this shopping center.


Its so California, no?


When I was leaving the mall, look what I spotted driving off with all my moola!


Yep, the Loomis $$$$ Truck!  Bye Bye money!

Back at home I wrapped every single little gift.  Okay I didn’t wrap the pepperoni.


or the mustached…

But I wrapped everything else.


I’m ready for Christmas.  I am done.  I’m looking forward to the morning when she opens her iPad!!!  I hope she is exited because even though it is used, it is her “big” present this year.


Tomorrow her dad is coming over for breakfast.  I ended up going to the market today. I was not going to, but it had to happen.  I needed eggs.  We will be having breakfast and then she is off with her dad.

I have no idea how I will spend my day.  I hope to take in a movie!

See you tomorrow and I hope that Santa makes all your wishes come true!

How will you spend your day?


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