Tournaments Costs are Killing Me!

Hello!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was quiet.  I spent a very low key day at home doing some Binge series watching on my iPad! 😉



Back to the grind today though.  And its a good thing too!  I need to earn my keep.  😉


I was looking at my finances and I have to tell you…. Golf is turning into a very expensive sport!



It wasn’t so bad when my kid was  playing once in awhile as part of the High School team, but now that she is involved in the game and playing 36 hole tournaments, it’s really adding up.


Each tournament is $179.00 and figure two a month.  Um… how the heck am I going to pull that off? 

That doesn’t figure in the weekends when she goes to her Golf Clinics and those are another $35.00.  So figure another $70.00 a month there.

Then there is the cost of her golf pro.  She’s $200.00 for 6 lessons and I am trying to stretch it to use her only 2 times a month so $33.00 a month.

And we must consider gas and food, wear and tear and whatever else comes up!  It’s not cheap!


My kids dad is supposed to help out with the cost but the itemized list is still on the fridge and he hasn’t paid his part.  Its adding up each month.


She did get two new golf clubs in her bag from him for Christmas.  We are trying to upgrade her set slowly.  It will be one or two clubs at a time.

She got a TaylorMade Wood and a really nice Odyssey putter.  This is a really nice putter!


That helps.  Her birthday is in May so we can add more then.

What this means to me is that I get nothing new for me, for the condo and NOTHING better come up as far as emergencies.

I know it is asking a lot and there are bound to be emergencies, but we will keep her going strong with these tourneys as long as we can possibly swing it.

I’m going to have to really cut back and I mean CUT WAY BACK  on everything.  I am already living as close to the bone as I can most of the time.

If my plan payment changes in 2014, there is no way we can do two tourneys a month and will have to cut the clinics in half as well.  It will just have to be that way.

We can do this, I want this for her as much as she does.  So we will do it as long as we can.


Tomorrow I will share with you the Christmas Card she made me.  Very sweet and you will see how much golf means to this girl.


Have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Tournaments Costs are Killing Me!

  1. Good luck to your family with golf. It is a very expensive sport. Once your daughter s old enough, she can work part-time and earn some of the money that way – which will be all the more rewarding r her.

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