A New Tradition!

Happy New Year!

They work!  They really work!  The wish lanterns are great.  I was nervous about them for many reasons:  Will they even work, will they be hard to light, will they catch anything on fire, are they environmentally friendly?  No worries, they work!

So after dinner of Veal! I know, Veal. We decided to head over to the lake which is closer than the beach to make our wishes.

But first we had dinner.  My BFF brought over a crock pot of Veal before she went to work and it simmered all day long.  I didn’t know it was veal until we were about to eat.  I wouldn’t buy it, but I did eat it.  Not something I would eat on a regular basis though.dinner

Veal, Mac & cheese, roasted veggies, pie and wine.  We never even made it to the champagne, it’s still chilling in the fridge. 

After dinner we started our New Tradition!  We went to the lake and lit up our Wish Lanterns!


They glow! 


They float REALLY high. 


They look absolutely beautiful!  We were all delighted with these. 


I enjoyed having something different to do.  My daughter was so happy.  We were all silly happy.  Especially my BFF! LOL.


Isn’t this a great shot, it just kind of sits there and then poof, off it floats with your wish!



This is my BFF, she was so excited.  She drank too much wine!  It was funny!  LOL


You have to try these.  But do be careful it is fire, so make sure you are away from homes and preferably by water! 


We were by offices, but thankfully the wind was on our side.

I hope you enjoyed your New Years Eve with family and friends.

I hope that this year is easier than last for all of us! 

Happy New Year!




8 thoughts on “A New Tradition!

    • Thank you Tanner! Happy new year. It was awesome and so much fun. I was a little nervous but they worked really well and yes, I bet we see them all over next year. They are not just for weddings! 😉

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