First DQ!


Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later!  My daughter got disqualified from the tournament yesterday!  It was painful.

This is the hole that just would not give back!


She must have lost 17 balls before she decided not to finish the hole, which is an automatic DQ. 

(This is a par 3!) 

My heart breaks for her.  She was so humiliated, embarrassed and just done!

Its holes like this that can make or break you.  Golf is a mental game and all that water is put there for JUST.THAT.REASON!

The tourney reps were really pressuring her, so she decided to cave. 

But – she finished the game!  She did not walk off and for that, I am proud.

She has another tourney in a couple of weeks, so moving on! 

Back to work today and tomorrow, back to the golf clinic for my girl!

Have a great evening!


2 thoughts on “First DQ!

  1. I don’t golf, but that hole looks really tricky to me. I can see how your daughter could have had problems with it. Until I read this I never thought about how golf is a mental game.

    • It broke her heart. But she is back at it and has a tourney this weekend, both days. Its amazing what these kids can do when they put their hearts in it. 😉

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