52 Week Challenge 2014

Here we are again!  A new challenge.  I know you are in!

Last year I started in the middle of the year, April.  It has proven very hard not dip into it. Especially around the holidays and the two unexpected trips to Oregon.  But I am still doing it. 

I owe it quite a bit of cash right now!


I know!  But I have until April to get caught up and I will!  I actually have 200.00 to put back tomorrow.  So I am really down 400.00 at this point. 

But lets get going together on the 2014 Challenge.    Week  One!


Until April I have to run these two concurrently, unless I get done early with the 2013.


Let me encourage you by telling you how handy this little savings account has been this year.  I have had to get tires, a battery, trips to Oregon and Christmas.  It has really saved me.

I was going to put it in a CD but changed my mind.  I will do that as soon as 2013 Challenge gets some cash in it.  This has been like and emergency fund for me!

I know this is for my daughters first car.  Almost every day she reminds me that she is almost ready to get her permit.  Everyday she talks about a Jeep!  I know that if I don’t have some cash on hand by the time she needs a car, it will break her heart.  Oh and she knows that she is going to help pay for it too!  She has a plan!

What is your savings account going to be used for.  Did you start yet?

Have a great day!




8 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge 2014

  1. I started back in jan 2013, and got to $1150 by Christmas . Then I used all of it except a $100 , mostly Christmas , but then also a generator at harbor freight for when power goes out. That was $300 on sale. The we bought a small green house also from harbor freight, so we could start lettuce etc and reduce our grocery bill. I’m starting the new challenge right away. Another on I did that worked super well was the $5 savings. Every time you had a $5 bill into and envelope it went. I saved $500, and got my husband on board and he’s at $400! Very very easy to do. I’m using my $500 for our mini trip to Santa Barbara . I figure that’s one of my mini goals foe 2014!!!!!

  2. I started fresh for 2014, but I’m going to do it backwards. So I put $52 in last week, $51 this week, etc. I think that will be better for me, since I always end up broke closer to the holidays. 🙂 I also decided not to do it with cash, because that was too easy to spend at times. I opened a new Capital One 360 savings account specifically for this challenge. I’m determined to accomplish it this year!! I have no idea what we’ll use it for yet. If I can get our credit cards paid off this year, I’d like to use it towards a Disney vacation in 2015!

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  4. I came by to see if you had started for 2014 – and there was the post!

    Love the “work backwards” idea. I might try that, or I might try the Yahtzee method. Either way, I’m in!

    • Great! I love the yahtzee method. I am going to go straight down the list for a bit because I have the Challenge from 2013 still. Glad you are here! We are going to be so glad!

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