Rosemary Lemon Roasted Chicken

Hi there!  I’m so happy we are all in the 52 Week Challenge together!  We are gonna be so happy at the end of the year!

Not long ago, I bought an .88 cents a pound chicken and decided to roast it.  I’m so not into cutting up chicken. Blech!

I used what I had in the house to season and it’s very simple.

I  washed and patted dry the chicken and got my ingredients together.


Rosemary, butter, salt & pepper and lemon juice.  (Its what I had.)

Melt it all together.


Rub it on the chicken.


Add lemon and rosemary to the cavity.


I let it roast for about an hour and half at 325. 

Check online for exact time and heat, don’t trust me, my oven is goofy!



It came out juicy and golden brown.   Really quite good and will make a nice soup base… but…

Let’s be honest here. 

The Costco chicken is about five bucks, the same price this cost me.  I think its actually bigger!

The Costco chicken is way less hassle. 

The Costco chicken is really good and the soup you can make with it is awesome.

I don’t think this is something I am going to do again.

But I have said that before and end up roasting a bird now and then. 

What do you think, is it worth it? 


In other news…. this month I am at my 1/4 the way thru the Chapter 13.

Can you believe it?

Lots of scary things coming up but for now, I will just keep plugging away!



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