Working & Walking

There’s a couple of ways to get past this week intact.

One way is to get right back on that horse!  I worked today to try to catch up.  It’s my day off but I have way too much to do.

I felt like I did a million things, but still have a million to go.  If I showed you an image of my office you would understand.

It’s insane

I count six computers (including mine) a server, three working monitors, three boxed monitors, an external hard drive, a printer and as many peripherals, stack of papers, manuals, books, files, GAH!

It’s crazy.

I love those offices where you can actually see space and they are so organized.  Mine is a disaster!

But I did make some people happy today and I did get this walk in too!


Getting out and away from all the technology is a good thing!


No matter how much I love it!  Technology is not relaxing!  😉

Hope to see you tomorrow night with some news of my daughters Golf Tourney.  She plays tomorrow and Sunday.

Me?  I just keep plugging away.

I wonder when I’m gonna get a statement from the trustee.  I guess we are supposed to get one once a year.  I also wonder if I’m gonna get any kind of payment increase. 

I just don’t know what to expect in the next few months with taxes looming as well.

I will keep you posted!



Have a great weekend and thanks again for being here with me even when my days suck!

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