Ventura Visit

Hello all! 

Today my kid played the first round of her tourney.  Don’t ask.  I swear, I am not going to complain but she and I just cannot seem to cut a break. 

That’s not true really.  I mean, look where we live.  We can’t complain.  (But she and I are actually both kind of sucking at what we like to do best right now, just saying)!

Moving on.

After she tee’d off, I went to Ventura.


See, how can I complain.  I hit up a few thrift stores.


Checked out some local architecture.  Beautiful.


Found an awesome little store that sells infused olive oil and much more.  But check it out.




I got a small garlic infused. 


You can taste the different kinds. They had a lemon infused…to die for.  But I just bought one small bottle.


Then I headed on down the road to another thrifty.


I walked past the old mission. 

I noticed this sign in the next thrift store.


Totally California!


I gave some love to this building and then thought I better check out the beach since it was basically 2 blocks away!


I got out of my car and took these pics for you at the turn around.


How would you like that condo?  Me too.


Then I headed back to get my girl.  I ended up behind this.


A California Woody!  Beach boys or what?

Then I headed home and we watched some golf rules online.


And I made some roasted veggies with this.


I added that to some left over pasta and I was totally over her day and my whole sucky week.

Here’s hoping my kid can catch a break tomorrow.  Forget me, I can handle it, but c’mon universe, she can really use some wind at her back!

Oh… I bought a basket for a couple of bucks and 3 golf shirts.  That was my big find today.  Not much, but I don’t need or want much right now.  The olive oil was my best find!  😉  I spent about 20.00 on everything.

See you tomorrow all!




2 thoughts on “Ventura Visit

  1. Your area is so beautiful! I’ve never been to California, but all the pictures make it seem like the perfect place. I bet you guys have some great thrift stores too. Hope next week is better for the both of you!

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