Hello!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and you are lucky enough to have a three day!

Last week it dawned on me that there are a few things that I haven’t blogged about.  It has been crazy at work and at home with all the golf stuff for my kid that I just feel a little crazed!


It’s time to catch up!  Let me just dig right in!

Switching from PPO to Kaiser

Remember last year year when I posted here about Kaiser and the possibility of switching?  I was 99 % sure that in November I would switch from my current PPO to Kaiser, but when the time came, I just could not do it.

The whole reason to change to Kaiser was to mitigate any financial risk in case my condition gets worse.  With Kaiser you don’t pay anything!  With PPO you pay 20%.  I think it was not bright that I did not change, but when you find a good doctor, it’s very hard to leave them.  I fear he will retire and at that point, I would be forced into Kaiser.  Which is not a bad thing, it will force me to do the smart thing.

But right now I am feeling GREAT!

Authorized User

As you know when you are in a Chapter 13 your credit is shot.  To get a credit card is nearly impossible and again, kind of stupid. However there are a couple of reasons to get one.  One, to rent cars because doing so with a debit card can be tricky.  Two, to start building back your credit.

I found a solution that I thought would be great and I posted about it here.  Have a friend or family member put on you on their credit card as an Authorized User.  Which I did.  It has been a few months, and I used the card a little, but there was nothing on my score to indicate that it did anything.

I discontinued being an Authorized User on that card.  I could have stayed on the card with no issue, but my friend has since gotten sick and I don’t want my name on that account for personal reasons.

Credit Card

Remember last year when I posted here about CreditOne and the insane cost of their card?   It was crazy!

A few months ago they sent me an offer ( I KNOW !) that was really good.  I don’t have the specifics in front of me but it was about a quarter cost of what the original offer was and the interest rate is very doable.  However, I pay it off in full if I use it at all.

This card is already showing up on my CreditSesame account and they have already increased my credit limit by 200.00.  I’m only allowed to charge up to 500.00 at a time per my trustee, so they can up it all they want.  I can’t and don’t want to use it anyway!

But it is definitely going to improve my credit score and really help me to have a good one by the time I reach the end of this journey.

So there you have it.  We are all caught up!

Today I’m off to hike and hit the driving range.  Lots of organizing and maybe a thrift store or two.  Here’s my regular route.  Do you have a regular route?

52 Week Challenge Update:  I have a whopping $6.00 in my 2013 envelope and I’m still trying to get caught up on the 2014 challenge.  How are you doing?

See you soon.




4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Have a wonderful three day weekend!

    The credit card sounds great for emergencies. You can try the “freeze it in a bag of ice” trick: you put it in a freezer bag, fill the bag with water, and stick the whole thing in your freezer. If you need the card to get your transmission fixed, you can thaw it out, but you would not go through that hassle for new clothes.

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