1/4 The Way

A big milestone!   I created this chain that represents each payment.


I add a new link each month.

The next big milestone I’ll post about is the Half Way Mark in  May 2015. 

OMG, I will be 55!  Really?

Because of my age, I realize that filing bankruptcy was the best thing I could have done to get out of debt and be able to MAYBE afford to live in retirement.

I would never have gotten out from underneath the second on my condo.  There is just not enough working time left in these old bones!  😉


Even if the real-estate market came way up and I wasn’t underwater, I never would have much equity in the place and the credit card debt on top of that was all just too much.

Now I might have some equity and no debt.  I cannot wait!

So you see, it totally makes sense to file BK for some people.  It is the hardest decision you will ever make but you need to consider every factor in your own situation. 

Mine was debt load, age, health, my daughters age, etc.  It all factors in.


So we are at the 1/4 the way mark!   Has it gone by fast?  NOT AT ALL!  But it has been tolerable.

Let’s hope that nothing changes in the plan this year that would make it less so!

It is no picnic.

See you soon!




6 thoughts on “1/4 The Way

  1. Wow, 1/4 of the way already! It’s awesome to reach those small milestones. One doesn’t get from A to B with one single step. Good job at sticking with it. We’ll see that halfway mark soon enough.

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