Free People & Buddha

Hi there!

Last Saturday, I stopped at a thrift store on my way home after dropping my kid at her golf clinic and did I score or what?

Have you heard of the brand Free People?

It’s pretty expensive and when I saw these two pieces I just had to get them.  The best part is that the price you see is not the price I paid!

They had a sale – half off all the  clothes. 

I bought both pieces for my daughter.  She loves this brand but I can’t afford it.  She was happy to see these when she got home.


So cute and flowy!


And just the right price at  6 bux!


This jacket is kind of cool.  I love the back.


The prices was right too.


Then I spotted some Buddha tees.


That one is a little hoodie. 


And this one, my kid has already worn a few times.


Cute right?

Hey, you gotta love a good thrift store find and when they fit into your life this well, its GREAT!!

See you soon,




2 thoughts on “Free People & Buddha

  1. I started following your story last weekend. I think I might have stumbled upon you because the guy who blogs from Texas and a comment you made. Your “DebtGirl” name intrigued me. Anyway, I just had to comment because I think your daughter is so awesome. I am a teacher and I know how brand conscious kids are. I think it is great that your daughter can get the brand-fix, but in a fiscally sensible way. That is life lesson that I hope will remain with her into adulthood. I am pulling for you to make your 60 payments. Sound like you are doing well.

    • Kim, thank you so much for stopping by and such a wonderful positive comment. My kid is pretty grounded in spite of the affluent area in which she goes to school. Those kids are out of control! I sure hope she stays that way, I think she will! Thank you again!

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