52 Week Challenge Update


A quick update.

I have a whopping $10.00 in my 2014 Challenge, so I’m on track!



I have no idea what’s in my 2013 challenge as I’ve had to take 20.00 here and there.  I’m waiting to get some money to bring it up to date! Soon, I hope!

piggy bank

I cannot wait to have that challenge finished!  I have until April to bring it current and I AM DETERMINED!

How are you doing?  Are you still rocking the larger amounts on your 52 Week Challenge.

Please share!  I can’t wait to catch up!

Have a great day!




4 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge Update

  1. I admire your determination. I think ADD would get the best of me and I’d lose it after a few weeks. Bi-weekly, maybe I could handle, but it’d be too much pre-planning. Maybe I will try it one of these days!

  2. I’m on track! I’m doing it backwards, so my balance is at $250 right now. Not using cash was key for me. I opened a separate 360 (ING) account to transfer to, and I can’t touch it. Working out great so far!

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