Roasted Veggies


If you have been popping by and read my blog for a while, you know that occasionally I post about food.  I am not a foodie or even a good cook, but sometimes things are just too good not to share.

This is a great post because these veggies all came from my 99 cent store about a week ago.  I needed to get them cooked up and I thought… Hmmm… roast them.

So I cut up what I had in as close to the same size as I could:

1 Potato
2 Zucchini
4 or 5 Yellow Squash
Precut cloves of Garlic (my fave)
Red Onion
Carrot chips

I had so many chopped veggies, I had to use two pans!  I actually crowded these!  Oh well, I don’t care.  So they steam and maybe not as good as if I didn’t crowd, but they are cooked!


Then I added just One Tablespoon of the olive oil I bought in Ventura a few weeks back. I have been so careful with this stuff, measuring every drop!  I mean, that small bottle was eight bux!


Then I added some salt and pepper and garlic powder.


I use powder instead of garlic salt so I don’t get all puffy!

I mix them all up and place in hot oven, about 425.


And they came out so good.


I am sure they would have browned better if not so crowded, but I did not want these veggies to waste. 


Really good and I probably could have cooked a bit longer.  I cooked them for 20 and stirred them up then cooked them for about 10 more minutes.

So if you have any veggies that you don’t want to waste, do this.  You can eat them as a side, or even mix them up in some pasta or soup.

I really am addicted to roasted veggies now.


Not much else going on!

Yesterday, I got a bill from my medical procedure a month ago, after I reserved a hotel for me and my kid for in May.  This hotel comes with free breakfast, free internet, free bikes and free parking. 

Its such a great deal.  I didn’t have to put any money down to reserve it!  I sure hope I can swing it.   It is both of our birthdays in May.

It never fails, I think, okay, if I am careful I can plan something small… and then BAM!  Surprise!

Ugh, so tired of being so tight, but it is what it is.

Have a great day all!




4 thoughts on “Roasted Veggies

  1. “It never fails, I think, okay, if I am careful I can plan something small… and then BAM!  Surprise!”

    Yeah – every time I plan a nice, reasonable treat, the cat gets sick or a part on my car breaks.

    Speaking of which, my boyfriend helped me with car repairs last night. My ABS module was dying; my mechanic quoted me $910 for a replacement. The parts department at the dealership quoted me $700 just for the module. I looked on the Volvo forums and found that (a) reasonably skilled amateurs can do the replacement and (b) some guy in Michigan sells rebuilt modules with lifetime warranties for $100. The guy in Michigan even sends out the hard-to-find socket wrench and repair instructions.

    The repair took us about an hour and a half. His parents let us do it in their garage so we wouldn’t freeze.

    • That is great!!! I had a catalytic converter go out on my last car. They wanted 1000.00 to fix it. I got the part at a junk yard for 100.00 and had a friend install it! I am waiting for something like that to happen to my car now. It is 8 years old. So it will soon start to nickel and dime me!

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