The 52 Week Challenge Plan



This morning I took a look at my challenges. 

2014 Challenge 

I’m a little bit ahead on this one, through Feb 16.  I can only put in small amounts as I have so much catch up to do on the 2013 challenge.


2013 Challenge


Today, I am going to take the cash that I have saved for that challenge and put it in a savings account at the bank.  I want to thank my reader Angela for that great idea. 

I thought about it and she’s right.  It’s much easier to transfer money into that account when I get paid.  I’m pretty far behind on this challenge. 

Two things might save it.

1)  My daughters dad might actually pay me back for some of the golf stuff I’ve been paying for.  He said he would but then never mentioned it again.  I’m hoping he is waiting for his tax return.  If he does that, I will be so happy!  Or…

2) In April, I get 3 paychecks instead of 2 and I can use a portion of that to bring me up to date and current and then put this challenge to bed! 


These challenges may seem easy, but if you are like me and live paycheck to paycheck it’s very hard to save! 

If you are not familiar with the challenge here’s an image of the plan.


You start with week 1 and put in one dollar, week 2 you put in two dollars, week 3 you put in three dollars.  At week 52 you have $1378.00 saved.

My savings is going for my daughters first car.  This is so important to me to have this savings because there is no way I can help her finance, nor do I want her to get sucked into that world right out of the gate.

So that is that.  If I can get this in the bank, away from my little grubbies and if one of my two ideas actually work, then my 2013 challenge can be saved!

Wish me luck!

And good luck to you with yours!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “The 52 Week Challenge Plan

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been putting $$ in on Wednesday, so my fifth deposit of the year should go in today.

    Given that my ABS module is dying and my engine is squeaking, I might have to take advantage of those low-number values that I’ve been avoiding thus far.

  2. I hope you have success going the savings account route! It’s working out much better for me. The cash was just too easy to borrow from for me. Hopefully your ex pays up on some of the golf stuff, he should cough up 50% anyway!! And I cannot wait for a 3 paycheck month…it’s needed around here. We’re paycheck-to-paycheck people too. No fun living the tight life lol.

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