Superbowl Hike

Hi there! 

Today I did something really fun!  And Free!  Fun and Free!

I accepted a Meet Up and joined a hiking group in my area for a hike! 

Yep, I met about 40 people to hike a trail that I have hiked before.  It was a blast!


It was great!  Such a nice group of people.  After we met at the designated trailhead, we were off!


It was nice to listen to people talk, everyone had such great energy!


Lots of views and lots of hills and valleys!

We rested on top at the bench!


Then we headed back down the hill on our 5 mile hike!


Then thru the groves and back to the cars.


I plan to join this group again the next chance I get. 

So how is your weekend going?  Are you at a Superbowl Party?  My kid is, but I am home.  Just relaxing and watching the game solo.

Go Seahawks!




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