Pinterest Pic – Valentine Ideas

Hello!  How are you doing?

My laptop is dying a slow death and so I’m using my daughters, which, by the way, is also dying!  But I’m getting all I can out of them!  This is why the sporadic posts!  Its been difficult!

Seems like it all happens around tax time when we have that bill to pay that everything else decides to die!  Yes, I do owe the tax man!  AGAIN!

I had a close call with my transmission too. Whew!

I may have mentioned that my printer died too, so I waited until this payday to buy one from Wallmart!  It was a good thing I waited because the one I want is 80.00.  The HP Envy.  Thursday when I went online and ordered it they had it on sale for 75.00 which included a 8 GB Flash Drive and a ream of paper.  So it really paid off to wait!

Valentines is right around the corner, so I thought I would post some ideas for you! 

Click on the image for the link to original site if available.

Pretty cute~


I love these linky ideas!


I think I love paper hearts of all kinds!





Now for some sweets!


I love pie!  I don’t usually like food on a stick but I might make an exception!


And finally, a lot of cute foodie ideas here.


Have a great weekend!




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