Intimate House Concert


I hope the weekend was uneventful for you!  I had some drama, but this is a drama free zone and I’m not going to post about it.  Let me just say this….


Moving on!

A friend of mine and I went to a really neat (do people say “neat” anymore?) concert on Saturday evening.

For $20.00 a piece and a dessert, we listened to  two entertainers.

First of all, the Venue.  It’s really… neat!

There’s a couple who open up their home each month to host these concerts.


The stage is set up in their living room with chairs for the audience and a small stage.

I went up some stairs and took these pics for you.


Although the seats are not the most comfortable, they do the trick!


It was so much fun to mingle with folks my age and older, people who get the jokes and also listen to acoustic guitar!  I LOVE it.

There was even a banjo player!  I love that combo.  I feel very earthy and hippy like!  😉  In my element.

First we listened to Sandy.


She is an awesome singer-songwriter and I love her smile and energy.


A mom of four who is an ex-pat now living in Israel!  She works at the university there.  What a great mind!


Then we listened to Richard:


He came in from Massachusetts!  I love the Monopoly song that he sang!  So funny!  You can check it out here on youtube.


He is a lovely song writer.  See that banjo?  I wish I had  better pictures, that man made it and it is a work of art,  BEAUTIFUL!


I love live music and in this setting it is the best.  We drank a glass of wine, ate some chocolate and listened to guitar and some excellent songs!

What a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

See you soon,




2 thoughts on “Intimate House Concert

  1. I still say “Neat” a lot, so don’t feel bad. It does sound like you really enjoyed that event. And the price was just right too, wasn’t it? Cool beans! (That’s something my brother says a lot)

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