Touching Base


I hope you are having a great weekend and that it will continue into tomorrow! 

My daughter had a tourney this weekend and shot in the mid 90s both days and made not one, but 3 birdies!  Her first birdies ever.   It was a pretty good weekend for her, but she has a long way to go… speaking of that….

I spoke to her dad about the so called help he was going to give me with the cost of golf.  He has not given me one red cent extra and I asked him yesterday and he said he just doesn’t have it. Then why in the hell would you tell me you would pay half and let me continue to budget as if?  Can I just say I am pissed to no end.


I did my taxes using the online software and it looks as if I owe a little over 1000K!  Where is that going to come from?

I will tell you, it is going to have to come from my kids car savings.  So we can kiss the 52 week challenge from last year good bye! 


I got my statement from the trustee and it looks strange to me.  I have to figure it all out but it looks like there are some creditors on there that I don’t even know!   I would dread calling my attorney!  I want to stay under the radar!


My laptops are dying, both of them.  I will try to reformat one of them to save it.  but I don’t think it will be worth it. But why not at least try right?


My car is getting older and not running so well.


My cats have ruined the carpet in my room and I need new flooring that can handle their occasional accidents.


My tub needs regrouting, I have a light switch out and my fridge is making strange rattling sounds.


My new neighbors are worse then the last!  Pah Leeze!!

No more…

I am tired.  I am depressed and I need to sleep.

Tomorrow we hike and then I come back and try to pull some cash out of my Arse!

😉  See you tomorrow!




5 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. So sorry to hear of your troubles. They always seem to come together when it’s most inconvenient. I find if I put my head down, muddle through, things start looking brighter quickly. Hang in there and celebrate the accomplishments!

  2. So sorry to hear all the bad news! Especially the tax bill. On the bright side (kind of??) at least you did the 52 week challenge and have SOME money to help out! That’s what it’s for! Bummer about the car fund, but maybe use the 2014 challenge for that. Our dog knocked the laptop off the sofa this weekend, destroyed it. Gateway said it would be $199 service + $100 harddrive + extra for any other parts to repair. So for $275 we bought a brand new HP at Office Depot. Sheesh. Not a good weekend! My laptop is on the fritz too. I thought it was the battery or power supply, but no dice. At least it’s a slow death.

  3. When I saw my report the first time I thought there were odd creditors on there as well. I pulled out the list of creditors with the account numbers and matched them up that way. The last 4 digits of the accounts should be on the report. HTH
    Patti in CO

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