Free Things Help a girl Out!

Today we slept in and waited for a BFF to stop by and go hiking with us. This is the same friend that brought her dogs before and one of them was just too old.  I felt so sorry for the dog that day and kind of miffed at her from bringing Annie.  Today she just brought Shrek.  The big oaf, so that was fine.  Its Free and Fun~


It was a nice walk.

Afterwards we went back to my place and I made BBQ sammies for everyone.  I had leftover pork and I don’t mind sharing instead of tossing!  That was a way to use up some groceries that needed to be used up!

Then later I did my nails.  Much needed!  FREE!  Oh believe me, if I could go get a mani/pedi, I would!


Back in the day I would never had mismatched nails, but these days I don’t wear dark polish.  (Have you ever tried that Out the Door?, it works great and dries really fast!)  I save a fortune doing my own nails!

Later I made it to Ralphs grocery store and picked up more than I need.  I now have a stocked freezer and I can probably get by without buying protein for a month.

I will get thru this.  I can do this.  I hate that sometimes I feel like I am whining here, but it just happens to be the only thing I can post about!  Terrible huh?  Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Back to work tomorrow and payday is Weds.  I am going to sit down and take a long look at my finances to see if I can possibly swing another tourney and pay taxes!  Its time to add to the 52 week challenge too!

All I can say is thanks to my kids dad for letting me think that he would help, because I budgeted with that in mind.  It sure throws in a wrench.  I should have known better.

Live and learn!

On another note, this last week I ordered some Payless shoes online (probably would not have ordered 4 pair if I had known) but I can’t wait to get them.  I am literally just about out of work shoes!  I will show you when they come!




3 thoughts on “Free Things Help a girl Out!

  1. Nothing wrong when whining when things get tough. 🙂 I think the encouragement of the blog community is such a wonderful thing. It’s helped me over the last couple of years! Keeps me motivated. Hope you get through the month and every thing turns around for you!

  2. Your nails look fabulous girl 😀 I didn’t know Payless has an online store. Shoes are usually very expensive up here so often when I go down to Washington for a visit I buy a couple pairs of running shoes for myself 🙂

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