It Feels Good to…


My new shoes arrived!


Four Pair of shooze!


Black ones!


Brown ones!


A great selection~ CHEAP!


Can you believe this deal?  Two separate orders, don’t’ ask why, cause I have no idea why I did that! 😉


Before you run out and order some online, like I did.  Make sure you sign up for their rewards and you will get FREE shipping!


I love this pair!


Cute right?


New shooze! $76.88!  I used to pay that for one new pair!

My kid said last night when I showed her the ones I have been wearing, that it would be mean to donate those!

I chucked them in the trash!

These should last me for at least till the end of the year if not longer.





6 thoughts on “It Feels Good to…

  1. Very cute shoes. Before the “it’s freezing” season is over, I need to replace my water-damaged, ill fitting black flats… they’re my main shoe for warmer weather, but this last pair just sucked from start to finish. Hope they fit nicely!

    • I used to be such a clothes horse. I still love shoes, but I really have to be careful. These surprised me cause they are totally in my budget AND cute!

  2. I wear my shoes out before chucking them. Drives my mother crazy.

    I’m a big DSW fan: most of my nice shoes from there have cost about $35.

    • I took two back to Payless because they were so tall, I would never wear them. But they are so cute!!!! I bought my daughter something at Old Navy with the return. I love two of them and wear them all the time though! Great buys!

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