Pinterest Pics – Hiking

Good morning!  I hope that all is going well with you and your family!  Do you have any plans this weekend, is it warming up for you?

The only plans I have is to walk.  Maybe hike.  What’s the difference?  I guess I call it a walk when I am using city streets and a hike when I am on a trail.  😉

Whatev, it is a good thing no matter what you call it to be out there walking or hiking!  😉

Today I am sharing some cute hiking clothes from Pinterest!  I may even throw in a trail pic or two!

I don’t have “hiking or walking” clothes.  I have a pair of yoga pants that I roll up and some old tee-shirts!

But these are cute to look at!  Remember to click on the image to be taken to the source if available!

I love these boots!


And I want this shirt!  Reminds me of Oregon!


This next outfit looks more like a “walking” outfit.  I would hate to wreck those pretty shoes on the trails!


P.S. I am way to old to wear those shorts too, but I love this outfit anyway and would add my yoga pants to it instead!

This is for more cold weather hiking.


I love the German Sheppard!  Gimme!

Look at these women.  Old Fashion!  Is she wearing heels?


Wow!  How cool is that pic!

Now for some trails!  This one is called Misery Ridge.  Um.. I would have to think about tackling that one!


But it is so pretty!

This is more my speed.  Forest Park in Portland.  Some day I will find this and hike it for sure!


I love the woods.  I can’t wait to retire and go back there and live!  Yes!  Someday!

Well, I need to get into my day.  I hope you are going to get outside today and enjoy nature.

Its good for the soul!

See you soon,



Happy Trails!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Pics – Hiking

  1. Hey DebtGirl, thanks so much for the picture of Forest Park. DH and I spend a week in Portland every year (we love it up there) and will definitely be checking out Forest Park in September when we’re there.

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