Wet Friday & Weightwatchers! Again!

Hello!  The skies finally opened up and now we are getting some much needed rain!

The upside is, we really need it!  The downside is, my daughter has practice on Sunday for her golf tourney next weekend and it looks to be a bit soggy!

Here are some quick pics from the windows here at the office.


This is a rare treat!


Pretty darn wet!


Last weekend it was much nicer, I’ll show you that in a minute!

Last Sunday I actually got up and went and sat in a Weightwatcher meeting!


I am overweight by 5 pounds and now I have to pay!  $14.00 every time I go.  But I only actually have to go and weight in once a month.


This was a good meeting! They set up a table and shared about “portion creep”.  I got that.

That is how the weight comes back on… that and not tracking! That an not caring!  Ugh!


I always take a snack and I really do enjoy sitting down for the meeting… but I can only afford to do it once a month until I get back to my free status!


I cut out some coupons to help get back on track next week!


There frozen meals are easy and make great lunches.  Mix with fruit and veggies and I’ll be down 5 in no time!

After my meeting last Sunday I took my walk around the lake!


That’s what the weather was like!  Perfect.

Such a contrast to today’s stormy weather.

Have a great rest of the day and stay safe and warm wherever you are!



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