Trader Joes Linguini & Clams & Two Buck Chuck

Last night when I got home I remembered that I had this in the fridge:


Check out how easy this is to prepare!


So I dumped it in the pan with the water.


Put on the lid:


And in a couple of minutes I stirred it all up and Viola!


Dinner!  I added parm of course!  Next time I would add lemon as well.

I served it with the lowest price point wine you can get!  Two Buck Chuck!


I have to say that this bottle of red was not so good.


They say you can get really lucky and sometimes if you get a good bottle of this, the trick is to go back to Trader Joes immediately and buy the whole case!

That is not gonna happen with this unfortunate bottle!

But it did go well with dinner and it was fast and cheap for a weeknight dinner!

What do you think about Two Buck Chuck?

I got taxes to pay, so this is kind of all I can afford right now!





4 thoughts on “Trader Joes Linguini & Clams & Two Buck Chuck

  1. I used to love those easy dinners… I could make them last for 2-3 dinners, which was awesome (just add one or two bags of frozen veggies). Then I cut most pasta, rice and bread from my diet (no carbs), and there died my dreams of easy dinners made out of pasta, veggies, and some meat/bacon. I havent re-instituted any of them back, except the occasional sandwich, but I sure miss having such easy dinner…

    I dont drink alcohol, so I couldnt tell you much about it. If what they say is true, then I’d probably think that the best tasting wines are the cheaper ones, on blind-taste-tests!

    • I have been kind of lazy! But I still make some chicken or something on the side and try to give my daughter a nice meal. She is getting picky as she gets older! I did not expect that!
      Thanks for being here Tanner!

  2. I like some Two Buck Chuck (Three Buck Chuck here in Massachusetts). It’s also great for sangria, when the quality of the wine doesn’t really matter. Some friends swear that if you decant a red Two Buck Chuck, it will taste much better.

    • OOooo, I will try to remember to “decant”! I am laying off the wine a bit, I think it adds too many calories, but Weds, (yes, I had a glass tonight!) and Friday will be my night to have one or two! It really does make a difference if you are trying to keep weight off! Nice to see you!!!

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