Banana / Egg Pancake

I have to share this recipe with you.  If you are on a no carb diet and want pancakes, this is your dream!

Two Ingredients! That’s it!


Does that look like a smile?  Kind of?  Ok, not so much!

All you do is mix these together.  If you have a mixer it’s probably better, but I didn’t deal with all that.


I am sure the texture would be better if I did. I just mash’em up and add the eggs and mix it up for a bit.

Take 1/4 cup and use that to measure them for the pancake.


I use Pam to keep the calories low!  If you are on Weightwatchers these are 2 points a piece.


Keep it at that point count by topping with sugar free syrup or jam.

These are really good.


Banana pancakes!  Kind of like a crepe!

Yes Please!

I wrap them up and take them to work.  Its a great way to use up bananas that get too ripe!


In other news, my new neighbors pounded on the wall this morning at us while we were in the bathroom getting ready.

It is close quarters and there is really nothing we can do about the fact that we get ready between 6:00 and 7:00 every morning and that their bedroom is next to our bathroom, much like they can’t do anything about the fact that my bedroom is over their garage door and every time they come home late at night it wakes me up too.

Love condo living.

So what do you think, is this my opportunity to say we will be more quiet if we can and we would appreciate it if they get their garage door repaired and keep it down when they get home late at night as well?

It really does need to be oiled or something.

OH Joy!  I really don’t need this extra stress!



4 thoughts on “Banana / Egg Pancake

  1. I think I’ve seen this recipe before (maybe from you on an older post?). I’m in a low carb diet (so I cant even do fruits), but I’m not a banana person. I really cant stand the texture or flavor. Havent for years! I’d be tempted to try this, but I think the whole banana thing keeps me away. Can you tell it’s banana-y flavored? Do you add cinnamon or vanilla for flavor?

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