Fashion Friday

Don’t worry, there is no way I am in the least bit capable of giving fashion advice!  Seriously, look at my jeans today!


Is that sad or what?  I keep telling myself not to wear these, but then I justify  it by telling myself that its Friday.

That’s no excuse!  I really need to pay more attention to my appearance!.

Remember the other day I told you I went to the library?


I actually love the library!


The big one near me has this huge fish tank.


It’s always fun to stop for a minute and watch them.

This time, I went to pick up a book I had on hold.

Not long ago, Bel’ Ochio  posted this about this book and I could not wait to get it.  She has been to Paris so many times,

I’ve never been.  But I am drawn to it.


If I can’t get there, at least I can read about it and the women of Paris.


I’m too “mature” for many of the styles in the book:




But there are styles that I should try to copy more!

This would be a great outfit for today!


This would be a great outfit for when I move back to Oregon!


This is a neat book.


I am such a “Mass Produced” clothes buyer.  I’ve never had enough $$ to buy super nice clothes, but once upon a time,  I did buy pretty good ones at nice, upper end, department stores.

I never thought that Payless and Old Navy would be my stores.  Sad but true.


I’m inspired to go thru my ugly clothes and try to make them look better.  There really is no excuse to wear shredded jeans, unless of course they are trendy, holey, $200.00 ones!

The last pages of the book tell you where to shop when you are in Paris!  By the time I get there, these shops will probably be long forgotten and fashion will probably be the last thing on my mind.

I will probably be concerned with where the nearest bathroom is and the nearest bench!


Let me leave you with some sayings that are up on the wall at my library.


So true!




Have a wonderful weekend.




5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Maybe I’ll put a $200 price tag on the back of my jeans and insist that I bought them that way! lol

    I rather like mine once they are broken in and a bit worn, so I won’t be winning any fashion prizes in this lifetime . . .

    I think one way around the ‘cheap clothes that look cheap’ dilemma is learning to sew, choosing a simple, ageless basic style, then changing out accessories once in a while. I find that wearing clothes that are not mainstream (except for jeans and T-shirts) means that they don’t look dated. Depends on your lifestyle and workplace, too, though.

    I loved libraries, too, but they have changed so much now. We have gang members who meet in our main branch ’cause it’s downtown; the swearing and general loudness is a bit tiresome. And the librarians are no longer the ones who order books; the books come from a ‘jobber’, I was told, so that explains some of the selections of late. But I suppose change is inevitable; I just wish it would wait ’til I was gone . . .

    Love seeing all the books in your library and the fish look interesting, too. We have a fish tank at the entrance to the children’s section; it’s quite popular with the little ones.

    Enjoyed the quotes, too. My Mum has a T-shirt that says “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library” (Jorge Luis Borges). I use a photo of it for my FB account; it’s my idea of paradise, too.

    • Thank you for stopping by Linne. Thankfully, so far the libraries here are pretty old school, they even offer up some free things for families occasionally. Very small town feel so far.
      I agree that classic is better than trendy for clothes choices. I try to make them work, but these days 99 percent are good will or low end store finds. I am just not clever enough to make them look cool.
      I look like a boring ol’ mom! 😉

      • I suspect you look pretty good! Have you followed any of the frugal fashion bloggers? there are some good ideas out there . . . I rarely go out and then to the grocery store, the library or a friend’s place, so don’t have much need for anything dressy. What I do have I rarely wear. Anyway, good luck with finding some great ideas.

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