It Happens!


Yesterday when I picked up my kid I decided to take her to the Indian restaurant a few blocks from home. 


Its really good, but we hardly ever go.  I decided to print out a coupon and just go for it.


I always get the same thing when we go, but the menu has lots of great items to select from.


I always get the coconut curry chicken.  I love it with the basmati rice.  Its to die for.  Not at all figure friendly though.


We had the whole place to ourselves. 


That is probably the best part!  We were able to talk about all kinds of girl stuff without worry.  My kid is growing up and I’m in trouble! 

Okay, so I thought I had a few bucks, even though taxes are right around the corner.  So that’s why we splurged on dinner last night. 

But it never fails!  It happens!


Yep, I woke up this morning, I started putzing around and I noticed some water under the sink.  Well, then I noticed it was coming out the bottom of the garbage disposal.  GREAT!


Had I known I had this expense…. oh well.  What are you gonna do?



We went for our lake walk!


It is so hot here right now.  Tomorrow upper 80s and she is golfing and I will cart it!

Then we went to the library, again.  She got these books.


I checked out these magazines.  Did you know you can do that?  You can check out last months issue!  I don’t usually read mags anymore, but these looked good.


Then I headed over to the Do It Yourself center and bought a Garbage Disposal.


$150.00 ouch!

A friend of mine from work said he will come over tomorrow afternoon to help me install it!  That is lucky!   I have a special dinner picked out for tomorrow, so that works.

What are you up to this weekend? 
Anything fun?




3 thoughts on “It Happens!

  1. Oh, I love Indian food!

    On the “money pit” end, my car emitted an ear-splitting rumble the other day. Thankfully, it was “only” $102 for a muffler fix. Sigh.

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