92 Degrees and 92 Score!

Yesterday… I took my kid to the golf course to practice for an upcoming tourney.  I like to take her to practice on the courses she hasn’t play if I can afford it (never, but I make it happen) and its close enough! 

I try to call some of the other tourney girls parents and see if they want to practice as well. 

We got two other girls out there with us yesterday.

It was 92 degrees!!!


It is a really nice golf course!


Very well kept.


It was so hot that I knew I was not going to want to walk 18 holes in that heat!


I got a cart!  It was great!  The kids and the dads came over and cooled off under the hood occasionally.  I would have died out there!

My kid is fair haired and she also took an golf umbrella and lots of sun screen.

It was a great day.  She ended up with a score of 92!  Now we know that is not the best, but it’s pretty darn good for her.

She is bringing those scores way down! 

She will be in the 80s and then the 70s before you know it!

She said she will cry when she gets into the 80s, it means that much to her!

Then we got home and I had this roast thawed in the fridge.


A very expensive cut, but look at the price deal!


I got that last December on sale and its been in the freezer ever since.

I know!  Did I pick the worst day in the world to make it or what.

92 degrees!

It turned out really good! 


I was supposed to share it with a buddy from work who was going to fix my garbage disposal, but we are putting that off until Wednesday.

I will make spaghetti!

At least I have all the ingredients for that!  No shopping necessary!


NOTE:  I have not forgot about the 52 WEEK CHALLENGE!  HONEST!

I just need to get caught up!  Please let me know how you are doing and I promise to post soon as I can!





2 thoughts on “92 Degrees and 92 Score!

  1. Your blog is great! Thank you for sharing. I am also blogging as I just filed my 13…scared out of my wits. There are many similarities in our stories! Lor mychapter13journey.wordpress.com

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