This & That


This is one of those mish mash posts that I told you I would do occasionally. 

I have been in a weird mood lately.

Is it the taxes I owe laying heavy on my mind?


Is it the cost of my kids golf that leaves my heart racing when I can’t sleep and think about how much it is costing me with no help from her dad? 


Is it the weight gain that I’m experiencing?  Not bad, but too much!


Is it the fact that I have so much catching up to do on my non-existent savings?


The fear that my car might need major repair?


The fear that something major (more major than the garbage disposal) will need to be replaced?


Its so hard doing this alone.  At least I have you dear reader to keep me company!

Ya know, it happens.  It is a reality.  I knew this was not going to be easy and boy was I right. The hardest part is not being able to save much.

Okay, so after taxes I am going to do my best to get caught up and back on the savings train!

Thanks for listening!




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