My New Favorite Fish!


Swai!  Which is WAYYYYYYY cheaper than Halibut!

Have you tried it yet?

Here’s a pic from the internet – a guy with Swai.



He doesn’t have much swag, but he’s got a lot of Swai!

Ha Ha, I am so funny!


Anyway,  I have had a bag of this in the freezer forever!

I defrosted it and put placed it on a foil lined cookie sheet.  Then I added some lemon and lemon pepper, covered it and cooked it for 18 minutes at 375.

I don’t have a pic!

Here is what it looks like uncooked.  Its nice and thick and really stands up.


Here it is in a pan, someone fried it.

swai in pan

This is my new fav fish!

Even my kid loved it.

We need to eat more fish, I always forget that I like it so much.  This is a very inexpensive option too!

Salmon is a no brainer for me, but the white fish are not something I tend to think about when I shop.

Which is your favorite fish?

NOTE:  Tax Returns have been sent in to Trustee.

I used a delivery receipt so that I could be sure when she gets it.  I’m not nervous or anything!

No, not at all!



One thought on “My New Favorite Fish!

  1. I’ve tried swai once because it was on sale, and googling showed that people really liked it because it was cheap. I thought it was good, but don’t remember much more of it. I do know I dislike flounder a lot. Yuck. Besides salmon, I really like rockfish and salted cod.

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