Plugging Along…


Not a lot of interesting stuff going on here.  That’s for sure.

I had my 3rd,  HOA meeting tonight as a board member.  I cannot believe the drama and the issues that arise in this community.

How did I get wrangled into that job?  I look at it as an opportunity to be aware of anything coming down the pike that might cost me more money!  Information is power right?   But wow!  It really is a lot of work.

I hope that by staying busy the time will go by fast.  I’m really busy at work!  But I always find time to grab my hiking shoes!


And hit the nearby trails!


I think that getting outside at least once a day is keeping me sane.  I asked my kid if she wanted to walk after work now as well.  We can take advantage of the longer daylight season!

I have been trying to get back to eating healthier as well.  Check out this salmon burger recipe I found on my iPhone today from Weightwatchers.


I don’t have peaches and all that, I just made the burgers. 


They turned out pretty good.  I got three out of two small cans of salmon that I have had for quite awhile.


Give those a try in a pinch.

Oh and I looked at my 52 week challenge and where I should have been last Sunday.


I have Zero.  Yikes!

I also have Zero left in my 2013 Challenge.  Thank you Uncle Sam! 

But I am hoping to be caught up with both by May!  Will keep you posted!

Wish me luck!

So I’m plugging along, putting one foot in front of the other.  My daughter is growing in leaps and bounds and its hard to believe that she will be 18 when this is all said and done.

We have so much coming down the pike. She will be driving!  That is huge expense!

I don’t know if the timing was right to do this, I think I should have done it back when I first thought about it in 2008.  If I had, it would be done deal.  But I chickened out and kept getting deeper and deeper in debt.  What are ya gonna do?

Now I know that  at a specific time in the future, if all goes well, we will be out of debt and living well within our means, with a chance!

Until then, I will continue to plug along and do my best!




4 thoughts on “Plugging Along…

  1. Hugs! You sound sort of down (or just “meh”) these days. But 17 out of 60 payments in – such great work! The 1/3 mark is coming up.

    Ugh, 52 week challenge. I was hit with auto repairs and family travel costs, so mine was put on hold.

    • You are so right, there is a lot of Meh going on. I got excited and took to the museum this weekend! That was fun. Now next weekend back to tourney time. I guess I have been so focused on that and that is all I can afford to do! lol

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