Hello Out There!

I’m still here and I’m still blogging  schlogging my way thru this Chapter 13!

This month marks my 18th payment.  So close to the 1/3 mark.

Not much is going on except, for some reason, I’m really feeling the financial pinch.

  1. Is it because I haven’t been budgeting well?  Probably.
  2. Is it because unexpected expenses come up?  Most likely.
  3. Is it because I paid taxes?  Undoubtedly.
  4. Is it because I am funding an expensive sport ALONE?

This has been a crazy time of year for me and I see no end in sight!

I had to dip into the money I had set aside to get caught up with last years 52 week challenge!  I just don’t think that is going to happen, but I really want it too.  (Just glad I had it to dip into!)

I haven’t caught up with this years either!  I’m such a loser!

Now my kid has another tourney that is coming up next month – um… out of town.  Can you say….hotels, gas, food, etc!

I told her dad that if he doesn’t get square with me and his share of her golf costs that we will not go to any more tourneys until he does.

If I know him, he will love THAT because it will save him the cash.  Where with me, it breaks my heart not to be able to afford that for my kid! 

Wow are we two very different people.  How we ever got together long enough to make such great kid, always amazes me.

I just want to post this update and I will be back at it this weekend. 

There is really not much going on.

I am still watching the mail with bated breath because I just hope to goodness the trustee will not find anything wrong with my finances/taxes!

fingers crossed

Keep your fingers crossed for me.




6 thoughts on “Hello Out There!

  1. Hey DebtGirl, I am so sorry about the financial hardship of your daughter’s sport. Does he not see/spend a lot of time with her? I mean, seriously, if he knew how much she loved the game and how hard she works to improve, I simply cannot imagine not wanting to do what he could to see her succeed. The meanie. I think you’re doing great and I truly enjoy following along on the journey.

    • Thank you Janelle~
      She is going to have to skip the big tourney in May. Sometimes we all have to make do. It is just too much with the hotels, food and higher cost for me. Not going to happen! It will be fine. I am taking her and her dad takes her local as well. One miss won’t hurt!

  2. Almost 1/3 the way there, awesome! As for your daughters dad not contributing, is there anything in the divorce or custody agreement that says he must contribute?? Seems outrageous he won’t help pay for some stuff. Hopefully he makes an effort soon.

    • He does what he can, he is the best father a little girl could ask for and that is more important than money I am afraid. I never had a dad. I am so happy she has what she has with him!

  3. Congratulations on being almost 1/3d of the way there! 18/60 = 30%!

    If golf helps your D to get a scholarship to college, it will be a huge thing for all of you – she will get to go to university, you won’t have to freak out about trying to pay for it, and you and her dad will get a kid who is hopefully on the path to success. I could vaguely understand if he didn’t want to shell out money just for her to have fun, but sports like golf can be such a game-changer in the college admissions process.

    (I spent ten years as an alumna interviewer for my alma mater, with the sad result that I know way more about college admissions than any childless thirty-something should!)

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