Los Angeles Times Festival of Books


Yesterday I found the time to take my daughter to the Festival of Books at the USC campus in L.A..  I really wanted to go because its has been on my list of things to do and I want her to see as many college campus’s as she can.  She loved it.  I loved it.  The buildings and the vibe are so…. L.A. but with significance.  That would be hard for me to explain; I won’t even try!  😉

It’s a yearly free event, unless you buy things.  We bought lunch and parking.  I know!  Who goes to a book festival and doesn’t buy a book!  People in bankruptcy, that’s who!

We got there and went into the first building to snoop. This is the arts and film center.



See?  Significant.  Brick. Marble.


Really cool architecture.



I was impressed with the festival but especially the USC Campus.


My college experience was mostly online!

There must have been hundreds of tents.  Different publishing agencies, authors there signing books, and information of all kinds.


We signed up at the LA Opera booth to win tickets.  Wouldn’t that be great!


There is some art there and this is the pop up art gallery.


It was…ok.  I expected more than photographs I think.


We walked around for a couple of hours.  We didn’t go into any of the “conversations”.  I was just not into it really.  We left and when I got home I just climbed back into bed!  I had to make myself go out for a walk in the afternoon.  That is a hard time to go, I really had to make myself!  😉

Dear readers I think I’m in a funk.  I think I might be slightly depressed!  I bet you can tell.  So much disappointment lately.  My timing is so off its not even funny.  The housing market seems to be picking back up and maybe if I would have waited and not filed, I could have now sold my condo and got completely out of debt that way!!!!

I would not have made  a cent and where would I have moved?  The rents are insane!  I think I made the right choice but I wonder.  Maybe I should stop wondering.

I can’t seem to save a dime and I need so many things!  I feel guiltily buying anything when first, I should be saving for an emergency and second my daughters car!  But I need things in the condo too!  Upkeep!  Ugh!

I feel completely overwhelmed these days and its not a fun feeling. Its like I’m holding on by a thread!  That sucks.

Anyway… today is a clean the house day, go for a walk, try to get my mind off of those issues and try to stay in the moment.  That is all we can really do, is just stay in the moment and trust that someday, my timing will be right and it will finally, for once in my life, come together for me.

Thanks for reading!




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